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The Lernen to Talk Show: Episode 15

November 16, 2011

I’m late! I’m ever so late! Today’s episode comes not from yesterday, but a week before yesterday. Two guests were good enough to tell me a thing or two about the state of German music, after we’d met at a concert by an American artist in Düsseldorf. The train announcements get in the way here and there, sorry about that! And let me warn you ahead of time that I make a fool of myself by revealing that I thought Mozart was born in Germany (and got famous in Austria). I could not be more ashamed.

1:06 – Genativ, eh? Still don’t have a grip on this aspect of German. There’s a case that is used to describe possession which is basically equivalent of changing the word “the” to indicate what something belongs to.

1:30 – “Jetzt hat es das erste mal, die gelegenheit gegeben.” I did not understand this as he said it, but I got the gist of it.

1:39 – I thought it was funny that that big poster was sitting there for the video. I didn’t realize so much of it was outside of the frame.

1:55 – Hello Pied Piper, he was called. And he sung exactly like Ben Gibbard. It was uncanny.

3:01 – Huss und Hodn, for your listening pleasure. German hip hop don’t stop.

3:53 – My guests seem to listen to bands that don’t exist on the internet. If I find anything I’ll post it.

4:06 – Kraftwerk!

4:11 – Kreator!

4:33 – And I hang my head.

4:57 – “identifikieren” is not a word. “Identifitzieren” is a word.

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  1. Priya permalink
    November 17, 2011 05:10

    I think your friends said Tocotronic, not Topotronic. I have their Kapitulation CD and it’s pretty good. The songs all kind sound similar, but the way they sing makes it easy to hear the words, so that’s nice! Also, I wiki’d their name and found out that Hamburger Schule is not a band, but rather a movement name given to a few different bands that came out of Hamburg. Have you heard of the band Die Aerzte? My German friend was totally shocked when I said I hadn’t, but then I also hadn’t heard of Kraftwerk until I went to Germany, so it probably speaks more to my lack of knowledge than their lack of popularity.

    p.s. I think you left out Nena from your list of German musicians Americans know. 😉

  2. November 17, 2011 12:20

    Die Bands heissen Tocotronic, Tomte und Kettcar 🙂

  3. Zurück zum Beton permalink
    November 24, 2011 18:49

    Hager ist der richtig-buchstabierte Name, der auf Christophs geringen Körperumfang hinweisen soll. Leider war das nur früher nur. Denn er ist sehr fett geworden. Prost.
    Mein Nick-Name weist dir übrigens den Weg in die überbordende Punk-Kultur.

    • November 25, 2011 03:10

      Haha danke dass du mir das gesagt hast! Ich werde alles richtig machen. Danke auch, dass du in der Lernen to Talk Show teilgenohmen hast!!!

  4. Zurück zum Beton permalink
    November 27, 2011 22:42

    Jo, mach mal Facebook klar, damit wir in Kontakt bleiben: Henrik
    Habe natürlich meinen Zug verpasst, bin eingeschlafen zu den tunes von Wolves in the Throne room und bin erst in castrop-rauxel wieder erwacht (schöner name) – lecker taxi bezahlt, das wirkt sich angenehm auf mein Wohlbefinden aus.

  5. June 29, 2013 15:32

    wenn du Rockmusik mag, gibt es auch Die Toten Hosen 😉

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