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The Lernen to Talk Show: Episode 23

February 5, 2012

Happy New Year! Today’s episode comes to you about six weeks late… It’s been a busy time, filled with finishing up the semester, volunteering, mid-year seminaring, moving to Koln, and starting an internship. I’m doing my best to get totally caught up this week.

I spent New Year’s in Paris, yet another location where the odds of finding a guest were smaller than usual. But as luck would have it, two fellow PPPlers happened to be staying in the same hostel as me, and they were good enough to join me on the show! And I repaid them by making them stand in the pouring rain. Kevin and Michelle, I am very sorry about that.

Thanks to Patrick for filming! (And also standing in the pouring rain…)

1:10 – Against all odds, I did not get sick!

1:20 – I fell down the stairs at the Eiffel Tower a few hours before this video was filmed. I wouldn’t recommend it.

1:27 – The free tour I would recommend. If you’re ever in Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, or Berlin, check out .

1:32 – ” Das war das erste mal, dass ich an einer solchen Tour teilgennohmen habe,” would be the correct way to say what I was trying to say. And a tour is what we did! It was awesome.

2:10 – “Wie ihr seht,” is how I should have said “as you see.”

2:17 – I thought I was being really clever here… but of course, I made yet another mistake. I should have said “Es ist kein Quatsch, Quatsch zu sein.” The phrase “um… zu” is how you say “in order to” in German. I just wanted to say that “Being nonsense is no nonsense.” Instead I said “It is not nonsense in order be nonsense.” In conclusion, Ich bin Quatsch.

2:52 – Third try’s a charm. “Kannst… wer kennt ich… wer kennt mich!”

2:57 – Again biting off more than I could chew with this sentence. Next time I will say, “Ich hatte gerade jemandem von deinem Name erzählt.”

3:20 – “Feliz…” really??

3:24 – I later learned that saying “Guten Rutsch” is only appropriate before New Year’s occurs… Sort of like if saying “Happy New Year” on January 2nd were inappropriate… that’s what I did here.

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