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The Lernen to Talk Show: Episode 38 – Bach!

August 17, 2012

Episode 38 shows my friend Robert and I rehearsing Bach’s “Little Fugue” on cello and oboe. You may recognize it as the theme song to Roche & Böhmermann. For the eighth episode of the show (a retrospective on the previous seven episodes), a short clip was recorded of us performing in the parking lot of BTF. You can watch it here. Skip to 43:22 to see my German television debut! As you can see, Robert plays a mean cello. What isn’t so obvious, is that Robert is actually responsible for that chic look everyone loves about Roche & Böhmermann. The iconic lamp? All Robert. Those retro cameras? Robert again! I could go on all day about Robert’s skills… but for now let’s just let his cello (and mouth) do the talking!

0:18 – Wrong again!

0:29 – Here I put the verb in the wrong place. In independent clauses, the verb is always supposed to occupy the “2nd position” of the sentence. I said “Hoffentlich das geht in…” when I should have said “Hoffentlich geht das in…” Of course, the rest of this sentence is also riddled with errors, but let’s ignore those for now.

0:56 – Is it, though???

1:26 – For awhile I had the habit of getting around vocabulary I didn’t know by just pronouncing the English word with a German accent… Which ironically is easily as much of an “inzoolt” to the German language as editing Bach’s music would have been to him. Was für eine Beleidigung!

1:42 – LET ME EXPLAIN! I never for a second thought that this music was by Brahms. I did, however, accidentally think for a second that Bach’s first name was Johannes. I don’t know why I keep getting confused about classical music on this show…

1:52 – This puts Patrick as equal with Kansas Kate in appearances on the Lernen to Talk Show.

1:54 – I’m fairly certain I didn’t use “jawohl” correctly…

2:25 – Oh, did you want a resolution?

3:27 – A rare glimpse of the real Andi!

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