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Ein Liebesvideo an meine Stadt

September 5, 2013


There’s a job opening right now at a company called Jauntaroo which can only be appropriately described as bananas. Jauntaroo is a lovely little travel website which makes vacation recommendations based on a user’s interest and budget. Their graphic design is tops and their dedication to alternative serviced-based vacationing (which they call “Voluntourism”) is admirable. The job for which they are recruiting is, yes it is really called this, a “Chief World Explorer”. This person, angeblich, will be hired to travel for one year to various destinations offered by Jauntaroo and then present those travels in a series of “Webisodes”. I wasn’t aware of the company until my friend Laura suggested I apply for the job. As soon as I read about it I thought, hey, that’s me! Unfortunately about 1,201 other people (as of right now) had that exact same reaction, and there is still time for people to apply. Of course this is anything but unfortunate for Jauntaroo, as the $100,000 salary for the position is an absolute steal for this kind of buzz.

Anyway, I decided to apply for the job! Not only because it is the best job I could imagine having (after all, it was designed to be that), but also because with only a few days left in Cologne, what could be a better way to spend my time then by making a sweet video of the city and the lovely people in it? I really hope you enjoy my little homage to the place I’m proud to have called home for the last few months. Köln, ich liebe dich und ich werde dich vermissen.

Oh yeah, vergiss es nicht, auf LIKE zu klicken!

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  1. Hanna permalink
    September 6, 2013 16:36

    Ich klicke jeden Tag für dich! Das Video ist toll.

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