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The Lernen to Talk Show: Episode 53 – A Random Reunion!

October 3, 2013

When something so strange happens to you as what happened to me on Tuesday, you’d dust off your dormant pocket talk show for an episode, too. That’s right folks, The Lernen to Talk Show is back! I’ve been getting back in the groove of life stateside, seeing old friends and applying to new jobs. I was minding my own business at the restaurant I was applying to when suddenly a familiar face walked in the door…

Can you believe it??? I certainly couldn’t. A neighbor of mine from my days in the Tulpenstraße Studentenwohnheim in Duisburg. It’s days later and I’m still speechless.

While I was at it, I figured I would inform any LTTS viewers out there of my other pursuit of a lifetime. I’m on my way to becoming Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer! But I need all the help I can get. Even in the form of adorable drawings. Thank you to Alison for your beautiful artwork and to Joe for your adroit cinematography. And to Barbara for the delicious lasagana!

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