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A Few Words on this Whole Thing While it’s Still Relevant

October 18, 2013

Courtesy of Joseph Altshuler

Good morning dear readers, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and today I get to see my brother for the first time in eight months. It’ll be a good day. I wanted to update you on a few things  about the status of that job for which I’m applying. As I mentioned previously, I am one of 50 people still in consideration to become the Chief World Explorer, out of over 3000 original applicants. Now we are down to the wire, and Jauntaroo has just made the announcement that they will be making the announcement of the Final Five this coming Tuesday, October 22nd. I honestly feel that I have done everything I can to be one of those five, and I suppose, like with any casting, it’s now just a question of what they’re looking for. Maybe I fit, maybe I don’t.

I’ve thought for a long time about this competition and what it all means, and before I even made my first video I came to the conclusion that I don’t deserve this job. I honestly believe that no one deserves this job. In fact, I believe that Jauntaroo believes that no one actually deserves to be paid $100,000 to travel around the world and make videos about it. Jauntaroo is simply pushing a budget beyond its usual reach by getting a massive amount of talented people to tirelessly promote their company for two months. It’s brilliant, really. Someone will indeed be earning $100,000 in 2014 to do what’s outlined in the job description, but the work that person does will really just be the top of a pyramid, the foundation of which was already built by people like Braden Herndon, Abigail Courroy, John Beede, Ryan Danz, Steve MoracoCassidy Quinn, and, well, thousands of other people. I urge you to browse the Jauntaroo page this weekend to watch as many of the 50 Finalists’ videos as you can because, if it’s anything like the last time Jauntaroo downsized the pool, on Tuesday these videos will all be long gone (or harder to find, anyway). These people are the real deal. Being Chief World Explorer is a job that appeals to dreamers. And dreamers are the people that make this planet worth exploring in the first place. Every single one of those people on that site is going to be doing something awesome next year. So keep an eye on them.

If Jauntaroo chooses me to explore the world for you, I know that I will do the job very well. I’ve put every ounce of energy I have into proving that to you and to myself during the last eight (!) weeks. And you’d better believe that energy will be there when I’m assigned my first mission in January. And if it turns out that someone else is getting on that plane, well, I’ll probably be disappointed for a while. But in the end it would just mean that I’ll have to find an even better job. Whatever happens, I’m glad I entered this competition. Thanks to this company I’d never even heard of until August 22nd, 2013, I have…

1. …gotten a song I recorded to be heard 7,822 times (as of this posting). Well, a fragment of an instrumental version of it, anyway.

2. …learned how to make awesome looking t-shirts using freezer paper and bleach (and t-shirts).

3. …caused a stir in Hudson County.

4. …been called a “nice enough sort” by Tom Scharpling on my all-time favorite radio show/podcast (see October 1st, around 01:21:00).

5. …discovered a new love for poetry.

6. …convinced the weatherman at WGN Morning News to wish my brother good luck on his first meteorology midterm (wait for the very end).

7. …gotten used to being greeted by people I haven’t seen in ages with the word “Jauntaroo!” (I can see this becoming annoying if I don’t get the job.)

8. …grown to trust that I can make sweet stuff.

9. …been grouped with 49 of the most interesting people I probably never would have otherwise gotten the chance to know. #CWETop50, I hope we get to meet in person someday. And don’t worry. If I get this job, drinks are on me any time we see each other, for life.

Thank you to everyone who has clicked that orange “LIKE” button, shared my videos, or given me words of encouragement. I am truly grateful to have gotten this opportunity to explore my creativity in a more public way than usual. If I’m as lucky as I feel right now, then I’ll get to make much more for you in the coming year.

Oh and don’t worry, Poems with Mickey will continue at its regularly scheduled time until the Chief World Explorer is named.



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