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April 25, 2020

A trail in the woods near where I’m staying forms a satisfying loop. It’s exactly the right length, exactly the right shape, exactly the right smell. It even has an agonizing uphill stretch that I swear takes back way more than its downhills give. When I found it, I wondered how long it would take to get around. Nine minutes and fifteen seconds, it turned out. That was on Tuesday. I went back on Wednesday to find out how long it really takes. Eight minutes and nineteen seconds. Then I wondered, how long does it take to get around it twice? Eighteen minutes and forty-three seconds. That was Thursday. I went back yesterday and today. Here is what I found:

Saturday (today): 2 laps | 17:40 ( lap 1 – 9:09; lap 2 – 8:31)

Friday: 1 lap | 7:51

Thursday: 2 laps | 18:43 (lap 1 – 9:56; lap 2 – 8:47)

Wednesday: 1 lap | 8:19

Tuesday: 1 lap | 9:15

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