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The Lernen to Talk Show: Episode 32 – Andi?

May 23, 2012

For today’s episode, I step into the sound studio for a chat with BTF’s one and only “Andi”! He puts the “Ton” in Bildundtonfabrik. And he was kind enough to talk to me about his poppin’ skills and musical aspirations. Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of modern recording techniques! I’m pretty happy with this episode, because I managed to speak more relaxed than normal.

Thanks to Moritz for filming!

0:30 – “Mickey altes Haus!” literally means “Mickey old house!” which in German means something like “dude”.

0:32 – I thought that he had said “Mickey an das Haus”, which would be an incorrect way of saying “Mickey in the house.”

0:51 – This was filmed early on in my internship, and since then the real Andi has indeed taught me some stuff!

2:23 – sich austoben is a nifty verb meaning, approximately, “to let off steam”.

2:27 – I didn’t know what Fruity Loops was. In case you’re wondering, this is what it is.

2:36 – Here I use the word jemals incorrectly. Jemals is a word that you use do things like ask questions about the past, as in “have you ever…?” I attempted to use it here about the future, to catastrophic results. “Vielleicht werde ich es jemals versuchen” is actually wrong on even more levels than just that. A better way to say it would be, Vielleicht werde ich es eines Tages probieren.

2:54 – I haven’t spent enough time talking about the word “doch” here. It’s a most flexible word, approximately meaning “au contraire”. But it also can be used capriciously to add emphasis to whatever you’re saying. Here it is used to handily express the sentiment, “no you’re wrong I said do it!”

3:06 – This was a rather baffling exchange. Maybe insurance works differently here from how it works in the U.S.?

3:22 – But he just said…

3:31 – There it is!

3:51 – Germany’s best.

4:06 – Actually only Andi was a little confused I think.

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